Checklist of Orthoptera (Insecta) of Himachal Pradesh, India


M.S. Shishodia 1 & Sunilkumar Gupta 2


1 Village Salarpur Kalan, P.O. Vidyutnagar, N.T.P.C., Dadri, District Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India

2 74, Jankinagar (Santa Jee Colony), Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482002, India

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Date of publication (online): 26 November 2009

Date of publication (print): 26 November 2009

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Editor: R.M. Sharma


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Received 17 January 2008

Final received 01 December 2008

Finally accepted 11 September 2009


Citation: Shishodia, M.S. & S. Gupta (2009). Checklist of Orthoptera (Insecta) of Himachal Pradesh, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa 1(11): 569-572.


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Orthopterans are popularly known as grasshoppers, crickets, mole-crickets, pigmy-mole-crickets and grouse locusts.  The Orthoptera of Himachal Pradesh is known through the records of Hancock (1912, 1915), Bolivar (1914), Uvarov (1921, 1923, 1925, 1927 & 1942), Ramme (1933) and Dirsh (1958).  Later, Chopard (1969), Bhowmik et al. (1977, 1982, 1983, 1984 & 1985), Singh & Tandon (1978), Julka et al. (1982), Ingrisch & Shishodia (1998), Shishodia & Tandon (2000), Mehta et al. (2002), Shishodia et al. (2003), Thakur & Mattu (2006) and Shishodia (2008) added some more species to the fauna of Himachal Pradesh.  Recently, Saini & Mehta (2007) reported 140 species from the state.

Remarks: The actual number of species in Saini & Mehta (2007) should have been 122 and not 140 as reported. Reporting the occurrence of Paraconophyma pcalra (Walk.), Loxoblemmus fascipes (Walk.), Teleogryllus blennus (Serville) and Gryllus maculatus Chopard was erroneous.  Twelve species are synonyms.  Neoconocephalus palustris (Blatchley) is a doubtful species.  Acrida turrita Walk. is an African species.

While revising the work on Orthoptera of Himachal Pradesh, the authors came across more species, and hence this checklist with 165 species belonging to 105 genera under 16 families.  Of these, 15 species are new records, marked with single asterisk (*) studied by the first author and species marked with double (**) asterisk are in the holdings of Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata.  Twenty eight species are recorded by other workers but not reported by Saini & Mehta (2007). There are no records from Hamirpur, Kinnaur and Una districts till now.


Systematic Account




Order: Orthoptera


Suborder: Ensifera


Infraorder: Oniidea


Superfamily: Tettigonioidea


Family: Conocephalidae


1. Conocephalus maculatus (Le Guillou)

Chamba; Sirmour; Solan

2. * Euconocephalus nasutus (Thunberg)


3. Euconocephalus pallidus (Redtenbacher)

Chamba; Mandi

4. Neoconocephalus palustris (Blatchley)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported this species from the Himachal Pradesh

5. Ducetia japonica (Thunberg)

Chamba; Kangra; Kulu-Manali; Mandi; Sirmour

6. Elimaea (Orthelimaea) securigera Brunner

Shimla; Sirmour

7. * Hexacentrus unicolor Serville


8. Himertula kinneari (Uvarov)


9. Holochlora indica Kirby


10. Pseudorhynchus sp.


11. Ruspolia lineosus (Walker)


12. Isopsera pedunculata Brunner


13. Isopsera stylata Brunner


14. Letana despecta (Brunner)


15. Letana linearis Walker


16. Letana megastridula Ingrisch


17. * Phaneroptera gracilis Burmeister


18. * Phaneroptera myllocerca Ragge




Family: Mecopodidae


19. Mecopoda elongata (Linnaeus)

Chamba; Kangra; Mandi; Sirmour



Family: Pseudophyllidae


20. Paramorsimus robustus (Brunner)


21. Onomarchus sp.




Family: Tittigoniidae


22. Plicigastra himalayana Uvarov, 1923


23. Metrioptera himalayana Ramme, 1930


24. * Decticides sp.




Infraorder: Gryllidea


Superfamily: Gryllotalpoidea


Family: Gryllotalpidae


25. Gryllotalpa africana africana (Beauvois)


      (= Gryllotalpa fossor Scudder)




Superfamily: Grylloidea


Family: Gryllidae


26. *Tarbinskiellus (Brachytrypes)


       portentosus (Lichtenstein)


27. Gymnogryllus kashmirensis Bhowmik, 1967


28. Acheta domesticus (Linn.)


29. Gryllus bimaculatus De Geer

Bilaspur; Chamba; Kangra; Sirmour

30. Modicogryllus blennus (Saussure)


31. Modicogryllus confirmatus (Walk.)


32. Modicogryllus facialis (Walker)

Kangra; Sirmour

33. Modicogryllus tikadari Bhowmik,1985

Shimla; Solan

34. Plebeiogryllus guttiventris (Walker)

Kangra; Sirmour

35. Teleogryllus mitratus (Burmeister)

Chamba, Kangra, Mandi,

 (=Teleogryllus testaceus (Walker))


36. Teleogryllus occipitalis (Serville)

Bilaspur, Kangra, Mandi,

       (= Teleogryllus mitratus Burm.)


37. Platygryllus brunneri (Saussure)


      (= Gryllus brunneri (Saussure))

Bilaspur, Mandi

38. Platygryllus melanocephalus (Serville)


39. Turanogryllus babaulti Chopard

Kangra (Bajaura)

40. Turanogryllus histrio (Sauss.)

Kulu; Shimla, Sirmour; Solan

41. Turanogryllus jammuensis Bhowmik, 1967

Saini & Mehta(2007) reported from the state

42. Turanogryllus rufoniger (Chopard)


43. Loxoblemmus detectus (Serville)

Kangra, Sirmour

44. Loxoblemmus equestris Saussure


45. Loxoblemmus macrocephalus Chopard


46. Loxoblemmus taicoun Saussure


47. Velarifictorus dehradunensis Tandon


      & Shishodia 1974


48. Velarifictorus lambai Bhowmik,1985


49. Gryllodes sigillatus (Walker)

Bilaspur; Sirmour

50. Pteronemobius csikii (Bolivar)


51. Pteronemobius fascipes (Walker)

Kangra; Mandi; Sirmour

52. Pteronemobius pantelchopardorum


      Shishodia & Varshney


53. Pteronemobius taprobanensis (Walker)




Family: Myrmecophilidae


54. Myrmecophilus albicinctus var.


      concolar Chopard,1928




Family: Scleropteridae


55. Acanthoplistus birmanus Saussure

Bhowmik (1985), Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state



Family: Mogoplistidae


56. Gotvendia albipennis Chopard


57. Ornebius sp.




Family: Phalangopsidae


58. Homoeogryllus cincticornis (Walker)




Family: Trigonidiidae


59. Anaxipha longipennis (Serville)


60. Trigonidium cicindeloides Rambur

Kangra; Sirmour

61. Trigonidium humbertianum (Saussure)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state



Family: Eneopteridae


62. Xenogryllus sp.

Mandi. Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state



Suborder: Caelifera


Infraorder: Acrididea


Superfamily: Acridoidea


Family: Acrididae


Subfamily: Acridinae


63. Acrida exaltata (Walker)

Bilaspur, Chamba; Kangra;

      (= Acrida lugubris Burr.)

Mandi; Sirmour; Solan

64. Acrida indica Dirsh

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

65. Acrida gigantea Herbst

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

66. Anaptygus rectus Ragge

Lahaul & Spiti

67. Ceracris deflorata (Brunner)

Saini & Mehta (2007)

      (= Phlaeoba cinctalis Kirby)

reported from the state

68. Ceracris nigricornis nigricornis Walker

Bilaspur; Chamba; Shimla; Solan

69. Ceracris nigricornis lacta (Bolivar)

Saini & Mehta (2007)

       (= Ceracris versicolor Brunner)

reported from the state

70. Ceracris striata Uvarov


71. Gelastorrhinus laticornis (Serville)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

72. Gonista sagitta (Uvarov)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

73. Holopercna darjeelingensis (Bolivar)

Mandi and Solan

74. Orthochtha indica Uvarov


75. Paraduronia simoni Bolivar

Saini & Mehta (2007)

       (= Paraphlaeoba simoni Bolivar)

reported from the state

76. Phlaeoba antennata Brunner

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

77. Phlaeoba infumata Brunner

Bilaspur, Kangra, Mandi, Sirmour

78. Phlaeoba panteli Bolivar

Bilaspur, Kangra, Mandi, Sirmour



Subfamily: Oedipodinae


79. Acrotylus humbertianus Saussure


80. Acrotylus insubricus inficitus (Walker)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state.

81. Aiolopus thalassinus tamulus (Fabr.)

Bilaspur; Chanba; Kangra;

      (=Aeolopus tamulus (Fabr.) )


82. Aiolopus thalassinus thalassinus (Fabr.)


83. Bryodema luctuosum indum (Saussure)

Lahaul & Spiti

84. ** Bryodematuberculatum (Fabr.)


85. Chloebora grossa Sauss.


       (= Chloebora bramina Sauss.)


86. Gastrimargus africanus africanus (Sauss.)

Kangra; Kulu-Manali; Mandi; Shimla

87. Gastrimargus africanus sulphureus Bei-Bienko

Lahaul & Spiti; Shimla

88. Gastrimargus marmoratus (Thunb.)

Saini & Mehta (2007)

      (= Gastrimargus transverses (Thunb.))

reported from the state

89. Heteropternis respondens (Walk.)


90. ** Locusta migratoria ph. danica (Linn.)


91. Oedaleus abruptus (Thunb.)

Bilaspur; Chamba; Kangra; Mandi; Sirmour; Solan

92. Oedipoda himalayana Uvarov

Lahaul& Spiti

93. Pusana laevis (Uvarov)

Kangra; Mandi

94. Scintharista blanchardiana (Sauss.)


       (= Quiroguesia blanchardiana Sauss.)

Kangra; Mandi; Solan

95. Scintharista notabilis pallipes Uvarov

Saini & Mehta (2007)

       (= Quiroguesia notabilis Walk.)

reported from the state

96. Sphingonotus longipennis Sauss.

Kangra; Kulu; Lahaul &

      (= Sphingonotus Indus Sauss.)

Spiti; Mandi; Sirmour

97. Sphingonotus octofasciatus (Serville);

Saini & Mehta (2007) Bei-Bienko & Mishchenko,1951 reported from the state

98. ** Sphingonotus eurasius eurasius

Lahaul & Spiti

       Mishchenko; Bei-Bienko & Mishchenko,1951


99. Pseudosphingonotus savignyi (Saussure)


       (= Sphingonotus savignyi Sauss.)


100. Trilophidia annulata (Thunberg)

Bilaspur; Kangra; Kulu; Mandi; Solan



Subfamily: Gomphocerinae


101. Chorthippus (Chorthippus) indus Uvarov

Lahaul; Shimla

102. Chorthippus (Glyptobothrus)

Kulu; Mandi; Solan

          hammerstroemi (Miram)


103. Chorthippus biguttulus biguttulus (Linn.)


104. Chorthippus vagans (Eversman)


105.  Dnopherula (Aulacobothrus) luteipes ( Walker)

Bilaspur; Kulu; Mandi; Shimla; Solan

106.  Dnopherula (Aulacobothrus) sinensis( Uvarov)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

107. Dnopherula (Aulacobothrus) socius (Bolivar)


108. Madurea cephalotes Bolivar

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

109. Mesopsis cylindricus (Kirby)

Saini & Mehta (2007)

         (= Aswathamanus cylindricus Kirby)

reported from the state



Subfamily: Hemiacridinae


110. Spathosternum prasiniferum prasiniferum (Walk.)

Bilaspur; Kangra; Mandi; Sirmour; Solan

111. Hieroglyphus banian (Fabr.)

Kulu; Mandi

112. Hieroglyphus concolor (Walk.)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

113. * Hieroglyphus oryzivorus Carl


114. ** Parahieroglyphus bilineatus (Bolivar)




Subfamily: Oxyinae


115. Oxya hyla hyla Serville

Chamba; Kangra; Kulu-Manali; Mandi

116. Oxya hyla intricata (Stål)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

117. Oxya fuscovittata (Marschall)

Chamba; Kangra; Solan

118. Oxya velox (Fabr.)

Kulu-Manali; Mandi



Subfamily: Coptacridinae


119. Eucoptacra praemorsa (Stål)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

120. Eucoptacra saturata (Walk.)

Chamba; Kangra; Sirmour



Subfamily: Calliptaminae


121.* Caloptenopsis glaucopsis collina Uvarov, 1950

Himachal Pradesh



Subfamily: Tropidopolinae


122. Oxyrrhepes obtusa (De Haan)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state.



Subfamily: Eyprepocnemidinae


123. Cataloipus himalayensis Singh & Tandon, 1978


124. ** Choroedocus capensis (Stål)

Kulu- Manali

125. Choroedocus illustris (Walk.)

Mandi; Sirmour; Solan

126. Choroedocus robustus (Serville)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

127. Eyprepocnemis alacris alacris (Serville)

Kulu-Manali; Solan

128. Eyprepocnemis rosea Uvarov, 1942

Kangra; Mandi; Sirmour; Solan

129. Heteracris nobilis (Uvarav,1942)

Kulu-Manali; Mandi

130. Tylotropidius varicornis (Walk.)


131. ** Shirakiacris shirakii (Bolivar)




Subfamily: Catantopinae


132. Diabolocatantops innotabilis (Walker)

Kulu; Mandi; Sirmour

133. Diabolocatantops sukhdae Bhowmik,1985


134. Catantops simlae Dirsh, 1956


135. Xenocatantops humilis humilis (Serville)

Chamba; Lahaul-Spiti; Mandi; Sirmour; Solan

136. Xenocatantops jagabandhui Bhowmik, 1985

Bilaspur; Mandi

137. Xenocatantops karnyi (Kirby)

Bilaspur; Chamba; Kangra; Mandi; Sirmour; Solan

138. Paraconophyma scabra (Walk.)

Chamba; Kulu-Manali; Mandi; Shimla; Sirmour; Solan



Subfamily: Cyrtacanthacridinae


139. Pachyacris violascens (Walk.)

Kulu-Manali; Mandi

140. Pachyacris vinosa (Walker)

Kangra; Mandi

141. Chondracris rosea (De Geer)


142. Cyrtacanthacris tatarica (Linn.)

Chamba; Solan

143. Patanga succincta (Johansson)

Chamba; Solan



Family: Pyrgomorphidae


144. Aularches miliaris (Linn.)

Bilaspur; Chamba; Kangra; Mandi; Sirmour

145. Aularches punctatus Drury

Bilaspur; Chamba; Mandi; Shimla

146. Atractomorpha crenulata crenulata (Fabr.)

Kangra; Kulu; Sirmour

147. Pyrgomorpha sp.


148. **Tagasta marginella Thunberg


149. Poekilocerus pictus (Fabr.)


150. Chrotogonus (Chrotogonus) trachypterus

Chamba; Kangra; Sirmour

       trachypterus (Blanch.)




Infraorder: Tetrigidea


Superfamily: Tetrigoidea


Family: Tetrigidae


151. Fieberiana pachymera (Fieber)

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

152. Eucriotettix grandis (Hancock)

Chamba; Mandi; Sirmour; Solan

153. Eucriotettix montanus (Hancock)


        (= Criotettix montanus Hancock, 1912)


154. Thoradonta sp.


155. Teredorus frontalis Hancock

Mandi; Shimla; Sirmour; Solan (Type species from Dharampur, 1500m)

156. Euparatettix variabilis (Bolivar)


        (= Euparatettix tenuis Hancock)


157. Pseudoparatettix histricus (Stål)


       (= Euparatettix histricus (Stål)


158. Hedotettix attenuatus Hancock

Chamba; Kangra; Sirmour

159. Hedotettix costatus Hancock

Saini & Mehta (2007) reported from the state

160. Hedotettix gracilis Hancock

Kangra; Sirmour

161. Coptotettix conspersus Hancock

Kulu; Solan

162. Ergatettix dorsiferus (Walker)

Kulu; Kangra; Mandi; Sirmour; Solan

163. Ergatettix güntheri Steinmann




Infraorder: Tridactylidea


Superfamily: Tridactyloidea


Family: Tridactylidae


164. Tridactylus thoracicus Guerin


165. Xya sp.






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